7th Dudley Scouts
Watsons Green Road Dudley    Charity Number: 524619
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Why do we Raise Funds

Although we are part of the Scouting Movement we receive no central funding and have to raise all funds to cover maintenance, equipment and running costs.

The weekly subscriptions paid by your child, help's to cover thier insurance which has to be paid each year for every member, very little if any is left over for running costs.

The yearly running cost's for the Group are about £2000 which we raise through various events, quiz's, Fetes, bag packing etc

We now have secure fencing around the building, and a new floor in our main hall.

Further work is also needed to repair: the roof, retaining garden wall, overhaul of the drainage system and repalcement of tables and chairs.

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contact us 07794367132 or email dudleyscouts@hotmail.co.uk
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